Friday, September 17, 2010


Ok, so I made hot dogs for dinner tonight.  From M's first bite he told me that they weren't the same as I always make.  He asked if I steamed them for the same time as I always do.  Of course I did I tell him - I even marinated them in LOVE (trying to disengage him from a rage).  He is telling me he doesn't like them and won't finish it - and gets into an angry dispute that I did not make them the same as I did last week.  I just bought the hot dogs today and told him if he don't like it then don't eat it.  I finished cleaning up the dinner dishes and was sorting wash in another room.  He comes charging in flashing the hot dog package in my face saying --- mom you bought hot dogs made from turkey and beef -- NOT JUST BEEF.. no wonder I don't like them.  Oh boy -- he is gonna make a good husband someday.  Grrrr.  Anyone want turkey and beef hot dogs??

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